The Saverne's marina

Le marina de Saverne is located along the route of the canal from the Marne to the Rhine, which is more than 300km long. They will allow you to relax with a magnificent view of the castle of Rohan ", called the little Versailles Alsatian " that you will be able to see all the angles !

The marina of Saverne : its canal, its view, its life !

The cities on the banks of the Marne, all have a charm... Saverne, Alsace, france, is no exception to the rule and has the advantage of being grounded in a small nugget : a marina. It is the joy of boaters, of course, but not only that... It is a true place of life, with activities and a wonderful view ! Interested ? Then follow the guide !

The marina de Saverne on the canal de la Marne au Rhin

Saverne is at the foot of the col de Saverne, which happens to be the natural passage between the Alsace and Lorraine through the area the more narrow of the Vosges.

The canal de la Marne au Rhin, Strasbourg Vitry le François, connects the river Seine, the Moselle, and the Rhine. Along more than 300 km, it is no less than 154 locks, including that of Saverne. It is a double lock features, and it is good to know, a restaurant on the terrace.

A beautiful view

The port of Saverne is aptly situated in front of the gardens of the château des Rohan, and, therefore, opposite to the castle. You can enjoy a beautiful setting with a nice view on the " little Versailles of Alsace ", the opportunity to browse through the eyes of this palace at all angles and totally relax.

The boats in the marina of Saverne

The life tourist at the marina

Activities for large and small

The marina of Saverne offers activities for all tastes and all ages.

You can play mini-golf for free, pedal-boat, rent an electric bike and start you on the bike path that runs alongside the canal. The smaller can become more daring in a playground silted up.

The cultural and sport events

If you like live music, you will be able to attend weekly concerts : "The evenings of Thursday ". For boulistes, go the end of each week for a " Friday of pétanque ". You will be able to browse and art exhibitions and attend to wild races of aquatic life. In August, it is the feast of the wheelbarrow, colorful and shouts of joy, which welcomes you. Finally, do not miss the Festiv Artiz, usually held the first weekend of May to September. Come to a meeting of artists and craftsmen, which will show you the full extent of their know-how. For any information on the Festiv Artiz, contact the Unicorn creative : eventlalicorencreative@outlook.

The life of a cruiser

With a capacity of about 80 boats, the marina also offers boat rentals. The port of Saverne is an excellent starting point for a river cruise up the Plan Incliné de Saint Louis Arzviller, a boat lift, or the big lock of Réchicourt.

The harbor also offers a concierge service such as call taxi, booking tables in restaurants, luggage storage, or even what to recharge cell phones or batteries of electric bicycle. It also offers equipment or a list of professionals in the event of damage.

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A few numbers :

In 2018 the marina of Saverne is : 12500 boaters and 3000 boats moored at the quay

2013 : the date on which the city of Saverne has taken over the management of the port

60000 cyclists travel along this port

Useful Information :

Where can I restore it ?

On-site you will also find a bar and terrace as well as a glacier, allowing you to cool off during the hot days of summers. For lunch or dinner the city of Saverne offers many possibility of restoration.

How to access it ?

Car parking is facilitated by a small parking area dedicated as well as the proximity to the fairgrounds.

In cycling it is the crossing point of the trail that leads up to Strasbourg.

If you arrive by Train or (b) the marina is located a 5-minute walk from the SNCF train station.

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