Plan incliné of Saint-Louis-Arzviller

The slope of Saint-Louis-Arzviller : a unique work

You have the chance, while staying at Carpe Diem to have two-not of the cottage a book that is unique in Europe ! Located on the commune of Saint-Louis and close to Arzviller, Moselle, do you spend all this visit intriguing.

That may well be the inclined plane ? What can it be used for ? I'll tell you everything...

A unique work on a particular channel

The canal de la Marne au Rhin, put into service in 1853, length is 314 km and is dotted 178-locks. At the time, the crossing lasted between 20 and 25 days.

The section of Saint-Louis-Arzviller by the valley of the Teigelbach, with a length of only 4 km away, consisted of 17 locks due to an elevation of 44 meters, a height of 2.6 m between 2 locks. It was a day of navigation to browse through these 4 km !

That said, 17 locks, says 17 operators. Housed by the State, they were taking care of the maintenance 11 hours a day and 7 days on 7. The water often came to visit during the summer period, the reserves of the small rivers and ponds nearby were not sufficient.

Then, certainly for the sake of saving money and time, the construction of a boat lift was decided.

The slope of Saint-Louis-Arzviller : an idea rather original

The work began in 1965 and the inclined plane was put in service 4 years later. This original work was designed by the engineer general of Bridges and roads Robert Vadot. The inclined plane is managed today by the Voies navigables de France (VNF), a body under the tutelage of the State.

The principle is simple : to go up or down a tray on a cart along a sloping ramp to the aid of a counterweight balancing. A barge in the tray pulls out to the canal, an amount of water equivalent to the volume immersed in the boat, it is neither more nor less than the principle of Archimedes, but we still had to think about it... Well it might, for this principle to work manually, the inclined plane has two engines of low power that regulate the speed. The practical result of this boat lift : what was past 11am, now takes 20 minutes.

Why this inclined plane is unique in Europe will you tell me ? Because it is the only one which is of type cross-section.

Visit the inclined plane of Saint-Louis-Arzviller

You can only visit that I say try the inclined plane of Saint-Louis-Arzviller !

A member of the network of major sites in the river Moselle, this site is the most popular of Lorraine.

The tour lasts an hour and a half approximately. You navigate to the lock 17, your boat will then make the ascent on an inclined plane, and you can visit the engine room. You can also see the exhibition.

You are definitely convinced by this visit intriguing, so don't hesitate to let me contact if you would like more information about the many places to explore around the cottage Carpe Diem I propose to you for a successful holiday !

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