The rock of Dabo

The rock of Dabo : a visit between History and legend

This block of red sandstone inlaid with pebbles sleep for 200 million years on the plateau of lorraine, and on the blue line of the Vosges mountains. Dominating a forest floor of coniferous and beech trees, perched at 664 meters above sea level, it lies at the crossroads of Sarrebourg, Phalsbourg and Saverne. Place of worship since prehistoric times, check out the rock of Dabo...

Chapel Healthy leon at the top of the rock of Dabo in the mountains of Vosges, Moselle, France

The big Story around the rock of Dabo

A place of worship at the beginning and the end

Dating back to at least the stone age, as evidenced by the remains found on site, the rock has seen Celts, Triboques, of the Romans and Franks, and soon you will ! 

Place of worship ancestral, it housed a gallo-roman temple dedicated to the god Mercury, and may be in Belen. Later, the king, Dagobert II, would have been built as a hunting lodge. To 934, Eberhard I, count of Dagsburg-Eguisheim and brother of the Duke of Alsace built a burg surrounded entirely by walls. Transformed into the castle towards the middle of the Twelfth century by Hugues IX, it was besieged by the troops of Louis XIV. The castle was destroyed again in 1679 and the rock remained naked for a century and a half. Then, a chapel in homage to Pope Leo IX, child of the country, was built. The chapel of Saint-Léon sank in bad weather in 1889 and was rebuilt in a neo-romanesque style with a bell tower that acts as a lookout. It is what you can currently visit.

Visit the Rock of Dabo

Since August 10, 1935 the site is classified by the Law of 2 may 1930. And for good reason ! It is a small wonder of 30 meters high, 80 meters long and 26 meters wide, overlooking the small city of Dabo, Moselle, that you can visit. Having borrowed a staircase of 62 steps, you'll have time to admire a unique panorama 360° and catch a glimpse of several peaks in the vosges in the area : the Schneeberg, the Grossmann, the Donon... And most of all see at the same time, the Alsace and Lorraine ! You will also discover the superb fresco on wood, statues of saints and medallions painted on canvas adorns the vault of the chapel of Saint-Léon.


Access to the rock is made by the departmental 45 from Dabo and taking the direction of Obersteigen. The road to the rock is indicated at less than 2 km from the exit of Dabo. As you pass by Dabo, be aware that its altitude of 240 metres, is the highest village of the Moselle. The craft of choice is the crystal, several stores have the edging of the crystal, and offer a tour of their workshops.

If once you have arrived at the rock you have a small hollow, "The owl of gold" will welcome you with pleasure.

Attention, the site closes from 11 November and in the event of a snow or ice storm. It reopens in the spring, the weather is fine.

Interior of the Chapel of Saint Leo

The small captions Dabo

Rencontrez le spectre de Dabo

If you take a walk in the village of Dabo, and that the turning of a lane, in the darkness, you see a flame born and to grow up to reveal a small animal that transforms into beef, be kind with the appearance ! A kindness and she faints, a wickedness and misery down on your household...

Go to the treasure hunt

If you would like to go on a treasure hunt, in Dabo, it is possible !

The legend says that the treasure of the black prince's hidden there, a man not very friendly, which was, and hung in its discretion. When the sun king besieged the castle, the black prince the defended valiantly but was captured. He warned then : "Cursed are those who will be my treasure ! ". And presumably, his words were not in vain, because the two men who had seen the treasure in a cave emerged deaf and dumb before you die a few days later. And after some time, two shepherds, located near the well in the rock have seen a lady in white who suggested to look for the treasure at the bottom of the well. Of course, they did not hesitate to dig in and saw the famous gold coins and a coveted. But 12 shots rang the bell tower of the church of Dabo and the treasure had vanished.

Yet another good reason to visit Dabo and the rock ! Maybe even leave you rich...

Rich you'll be, culturally in any case, thanks to the many tours you can do from our cottage Carpe Diem discover the Alsace and its heritage. Then don't hesitate to contact !

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