The cave of Saint-Vit

The cave Saint-Lives : what a beautiful surprise !

Near Saverne, you can discover the cave of Saint-Vit, an excavation natural rock that holds you some nice surprises starting with its unique history...

The cave Saint-Vit, a place of worship in the history, surprising

The cave while sandstone is called Saint-Vit because a chapel was erected at the end of it is dedicated to him. The name Lives is a term in Alsace, which actually refers to a disease : the dance of St. Vitus. It is similar to a dance, because the people suffering are involuntary actions and disordered due to an infringement of infectious basal ganglia of the brain. The people of Alsace, who were victims of the Fifteenth century, were thought to be possessed. The chapel has been erected to exorcise the wretched who were in fact suffering from an infection.

Today, we celebrated the mass, on an altar in sandstone of the Vosges mountains, on Easter Monday, 1 may, Whit Monday and the 1st Sunday of September.

A few surprises additional around the cave of Saint-Vit

Small haven of peace and freshness when the heat is felt, to visit the cave offers you the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant ride on an area of 2 to 3 hectares. The garden Alpine magnificent offers a very nice experience country-style accessible even to young children. It is maintained by about 300 volunteers : the friends of the cave Saint Vit. They maintain the garden for decades and are starting to officiate in the month of may. From the beginning of the spring, it is possible to admire thoughts multicolored, of Hellébores and the gorgeous hedges colorful.

Another curiosity, a bell that can be activated by all, but especially the happiness of the young ones !

Last element of surprise, and not least, the spectacular view of the valley of the Zorn and on the château du Haut Barr and large and small Geroldseck.

For walkers and seasoned, it is possible to continue the walk up to the ruins of Greifenstein, or the fountain Melanie fitted at the beginning of the Twentieth century.


If you want to discover the wonders alsatian all close to our gîte le Carpe Diemdo not hesitate and contact me !

Background information : 18 rue du Maire Knoepfler 67700 SAVERNE
Phone : 03 88 91 17 38
Email :
President : Joseph HERT

Price : free

Duration of the experience : 2 hours with a picnic

Where can I restore it ?

It is possible to restore in-place with a picnic, for which tables are available.

How to access it ?

By car, take the D132 in the direction of Lutzelbourg and then follow the direction of the cave of Saint-Vit. Several signs will indicate the path to the parking lot in the forest (GPS 48.735506275191426, 7.312206983308466 ) and then on foot or by bike by a path with easy access.

Walk is a promenade sports if one part of the valley, and more peaceful if the departure is from the house in the Forest of the Schweitzerhof. Hiking the grotto is accessible from Saverne from the channel.

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