The Haut-Barr castle and the two Geroldseck

The château du Haut-Barr virus and the two castles Geroldseck : a hiking and stimulating cultural


The château du Haut-Barr is located a 10-minute drive and approximately 1 hour 30 minutes walking distance from Saverne, its castle sumptuous and beautiful port. It provides the point of departure for a hike in the forest, perfect for the summer when the temperatures are more strong and perfect, to the shelter of trees, if the rain comes to the ride.

This route has been marked by the club vosgien and uses part of the GR53. Starting from the château du Haut-Barr, you'll walk through the parking lot of the castle and then you will travel along the trail, passing in front of the tower of the telegraph Chappe. The trail runs along the D171 and then sinks into the forest. You will then be your first step after 20 minutes away : the palace of the grand Geroldseck. By the time the mist the effect is stunning. Then, 15 minutes later, you'll reach are little brother : the château of the petit-Geroldseck. Finally, it will take you another 10 minutes to access the table of witches.

The most courageous will be able to prolong the ride and the pleasure up to the rock and the cave of the Brotsch, remarkable site with a fifty routes and combinations for the climbers .

For the more adventurous you can you can extend the walk up to the rock and the cave of the Brotsch, it is a walking route largest :

Download the small route

Download the great route

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