The château du Haut-Barr virus : a view and A caption must-sees

Entrée du château du Haut Barr

Nicknamed " the eye of Alsace, since the council of Constance in the year 1 415, the medieval castle of Haut-Barr, located in Saverne, has a geographical situation inescapable. Erected by the bishops of Strasbourg in order to monitor the Zorn valley and the plain of Alsace, this fortress has been dismantled from the middle of the 17th century.

Don't miss the tour of this vestige, between legend and History, you won't believe your eyes...

The château du Haut-Barr virus : A point of view not to be missed

Between the Alsace plain and the plateau of lorraine, peaks at 470 meters of altitude, this castle is built on 3 huge sandstone rocks. Strategic location at the time, it now offers a 360° view of the plain of Alsace and the Vosges regional nature park. You will see the town of Saverne close-by with the castle of the Rohans and the marina. Please do not hesitate to equip you with a long view, or a pair of binoculars because on a clear day you can even see the cathedral in Strasbourg !

The château du Haut-Barr virus : A legend surprising

The rock and southern rock central are connected by a walkway called the " Bridge of the Devil ". To access it you must enter into the inner court of the castle and then take a metal staircase. Caution, beware of dizziness for those who would like to cross it !

Why this terrible name, will you tell me ? It is said that the bridge was built by the Devil himself because no human would have been able to build a bridge strong. For any payment, the Devil demanded the soul of the first pilgrim who transgresses. The bishops then had the idea to pass a dog on the bridge in order not to sacrifice a poor soul. The Devil, enraged by this ploy, then would have hammered the bridge of his hooves to make it give in... But in vain, because the bridge survived, hence its nickname "Devil's Bridge" !

The château du Haut-Barr, it is also...

  • A beautiful place for a picnic, but not inside, it is forbidden !
  • A castle vault, composed of a romanesque nave and a heart-gothic with oriel
  • The artillery tower
  • The logis seigneurial
  • There is a hiking trail leading up to twenty minutes at castle the grand Geroldseck, where you can also reach the castle of the petit-Geroldseck
  • The Tower of the Telegraph Chappe approximately 1 minute
  • A dungeon novel and a cistern
  • The "Schnabel", a small polygonal bastion of the Sixteenth century
  • A monumental Renaissance style, with the coat of arms of the bishop Jean de Manderscheid, with a portcullis and two-stunners
  • The concierge
  • The Tower of the well which is home to a well whose depth is not known
  • The access ramp, the location of a door with drawbridge preceded by a pit with a circular tower. The wall between this tower and the monumental entrance bears the scars of the slots of shooting vertical
  • The circular tower, which was replaced in the Eighteenth century by a polygonal tower
  • The chapelle Saint-Nicolas

Do not miss this visit, to have a point of view mind-blowing on the beautiful plain of Alsace and come and then take a well deserved rest at the cottage, the Carpe Diem.

Price : free

Duration of the experience : from 1h to 2h

Where can I restore it ?

On-site you will find a restaurant called " Restaurant Up There ".

A few numbers :

The château du Haut-Barr castle is the third castle's most visited Alsace

It is 250 m long and the point of view is 450 meters above sea level.

The castle provides a 360° view around the site.

How to access it ?

By car or by bike from the city of Saverne.

Phone 03 88 91 80 47
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